Hi, I’m Ernestine Colombo

I’m a writer. A gardener. A cat lady and a coffee lover.
#1 Amazon Best-Selling Author. I hope you see some part of yourself in my stories.
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Do you believe in second chances?

Sixty-something Evie D’Arico is just reaching for her morning coffee when suddenly she finds herself slumped on her kitchen floor. She’s unable to move a muscle, but still sees and feels everything around her. Her soul slowly leaves her body, rises over the earth, and travels through a dimension of color and stars, coming to rest in a primordial forest of fragrant trees and neon green moss.

A place from memory. The life of a person she used to be.

She jumps to her feet and waits for the familiar neck pain and stiff knees. Instead, a young, lithe body moves with animal grace and stealth. A garment fashioned from supple hide is smooth against her skin. Massive trees with shaggy bark of russet brown shelter her. What is this place?

An overriding thought shatters the reverie: Move quietly! Do not even breathe! Listen before you move. Make sure you are alone.

One thing is certain. She is a long way from home.

2018 Best Book Awards Finalist in Fiction: New Age Category

Finalist in the Fiction: New Age category of the 2018 Best Book Awards sponsored by American Book Fest. Now in its 16th year, the Best Book Awards are one of the largest mainstream book award competitions in the United States. http://americanbookfest.com/generalfiction/newage.html

Literary Titan Review:

“Where does a soul go after one’s life is over? Does it drift away into nothing while the body returns to dust? Or does it goes on to rest, to be resurrected? Or does it recycle back into the physical plane of existence in yet another form? These questions always come to mind as we see, feel and live the experience called life…”

Amazon #1 Best Seller Seal
Literary Tital Gold Book Award
Spirited Woman Pick List


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