Do you believe in Pre-Incarnation?

“Our souls wait for the right human. We live, we pass back in order to rejuvenate, and we wait for another opportunity – the right opportunity. We choose when to finish what we started. Or to start something new.”

It’s a lot to digest.

“So how many me’s have there been?”

Evie D’Arico is just like any other sixty-something retiree until a sudden stroke puts her life in jeopardy, and catapults her soul to another lifetime. After drifting through a dimension beyond time, Evie awakens to find herself in the body and mind of someone else. She realizes she is experiencing her soul’s past life on Earth as Astara, a young girl who lived during the Mesolithic Era of human prehistory.

Evie allows herself to meld into Astara, who has just experienced the Girl’s Coming of Age rite, a ritual quest of the Golden Fish tribe. On her quest, Astara saw herself as a Three Face – a powerful combination of male, female and animal elements – making her a potential spirit leader. But The Old One of the Golden Fish tribe does not want to acknowledge another seer within his realm, especially not a defiant young female Three Face. Astara is given a choice either to live as an unremarkable woman of the tribe, or to leave her home and family on an unprecedented journey into unknown territory, and establish her own following as a Three Face.

Through living a few crucial days as Astara, Evie comes away with new self-knowledge and an appreciation for the courage of the young girl she was in a past life.

Evie still has unanswered questions about the meaning of her current lifetime. She recalls her life, feeling again the deep and loving bond with her sister Liliana who was born with Down Syndrome, and reliving her upbringing during the uneventful 1950s and turbulent 1960s. She meets trusted Guardians along the way who help her recognize the end results of her own actions. As the disjointed revelations of her soul’s journey come together the puzzle of her life takes on new meaning, and she is faced with the possibilities of her own future.

Evie realizes she must decide who she really wants to be. Only she can choose the next stage of her soul’s epic journey through lifetimes.

What will she choose? Who will she be?

Returning Souls

Literary Titan Review:

“Where does a soul go after one’s life is over? Does it drift away into nothing while the body returns to dust? Or does it goes on to rest, to be resurrected? Or does it recycle back into the physical plane of existence in yet another form? These questions always come to mind as we see, feel and live the experience called life…”

2018 Best Book Awards Finalist in Fiction: New Age Category

Finalist in the Fiction: New Age category of the 2018 Best Book Awards sponsored by American Book Fest. Now in its 16th year, the Best Book Awards are one of the largest mainstream book award competitions in the United States.