Sharon CassanoLochman

Sharon CassanoLochman

Alone in an ice fishing hut on frozen Oneida Lake with only a notebook, pen, and fishing pole, author and former teacher Sharon CassanoLochman set about writing a thrilling adventure of two unlikely friends. Sharon’s novel Stranded on Thin Ice just placed first for Middle Grade novel in the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference.

Check out her other novels, Man With the Sand Dollar Face, a mystery thriller set in New Orleans, and Spiritual Verse Today Volumes I, II, and II, an inspirational read that has given thousands comfort and hope through Sharon’s poetic verse.

Lily with her dogs

Lily Tanzer

Always intrigued by human behavior, Lily earned a degree in Psychology from the University of Texas in 1985. At age twenty-six Lily welcomed a renegade dog into her life – Keisha – who introduced her to the subtleties (and sometimes dramas) of life with a dog, and inspired her to chronicle her experiences in her debut novel, Travels With The Doggie Lama.

The valiant and history-making WWII adventures of Lily’s Maltese/Pekingese, Darci can be enjoyed in the upcoming series The Adventures of General Darci.

While Darci rids the world of malevolent dictators, Juno, Lily’s Corgi-mix rescue, shares her entertaining adventures with the strong-willed and musically gifted Gabbie Gafflegoose, in a soon-to-revealed series of children’s books.

Author Pamela Horter-Moore

Pamela Horter-Moore

Pamela Horter-Moore has been writing since the age of six. In 1983 she published Brief Candles, a historical novel about Edward V, the 12-year-old king who disappeared in the Tower of London with his little brother Richard.

In 2017 she published LoveQuest, a light-hearted romantic novel delving into the characters and motives of Eros and Psyche from Greek myth, and celebrating the healing power of love. Pamela’s short stories can also be found on her website.

Carolyn J. Valenzuela

Carolyn says of herself, “I think deeply, diving below the surface and beyond the horizon. I listen intensely, hearing the emotion at the back of the word and the subtle feeling that holds space between the sentences. I see the hidden side of things that leave behind an energetic reminder after all the people have left.”

In her book Heart Mind Belly, Carolyn endeavors to give the reader a story that opens new possibilities for being, and new opportunities to grow. Accept the gift to appreciate life through authentic emotions from the heart, dispassionate thoughts from the mind, and the natural gut instincts of the belly, and ignite your innocent sense of curiosity.

Want to know more? Visit Carolyn’s website

Debbie O'Byrne

Debbie O’Byrne

As Chief Designer for her father’s start-up company, Jetlaunch LLC, Debbie O’Byrne has spent the last 7 years building a portfolio of designs that have helped authors and businesses grow and expand their reach. With hundreds of spectacular book covers, logos, infographics, workbooks, and more, she creates designs that stand out above traditionally published books and bring attention to businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide.

Debbie brings her kindness and warm personality to every client. She isn’t satisfied until you are (I know this for a fact from my own experience working with her on the cover for my novel!).

Debbie offers her clients ‘round-the-clock availability, incredibly fast turn-around, artistic sensibility, and unfailing personal attention. You can reach her through the Jetlaunchwebsite, or directly at

Denise Cassino

Denise Cassino

Denise Cassino is a book marketing specialist with emphasis on achieving bestseller status on She offers a broad menu of services and her diverse talents make her the perfect all-in-one person for book promotions!